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Andrew and Emma Murray

An Intimate Portrait of Their Marriage and Ministry

by Leona Choy
Published by Horizon Books ©2000

This biography expands on the life of Andrew Murray presented in Andrew Murray: Apostle of Abiding Love (now out of print). This edition brings a new focus on Andrew’s wife, Emma. Their spiritual partnership in marriage and ministry has yielded fruit in the lives of the many readers of Andrew Murray’s books, and in the lives of their descendants.

Andrew Murray was born in South Africa and spent the majority of his life living there. His mission throughout his life was to preach Christ to all the inhabitants of his area of influence. He believed that his church had been planted by God to reach the African peoples, and worked to start a training school that would raise up missionaries to bring the gospel to as many people as possible. A revival swept South Africa during Andrew’s life, reaching Dutch farmers, native African tribesmen, Europeans, and people of mixed race for Jesus Christ.