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The Gold of Exodus

The Discovery of the True Mount Sinai

by Howard Blum
Published by Simon & Schuster ©1998

Although this book chronicles the adventures of Larry Williams and Bob Cornuke, it is really the story of a mountain. For centuries, people from all over the world have travelled to the Sinai peninsula to see what was believed to be the mountain where God gave Moses the ten commandments. Some scholars have doubted that the mountain visited by tourists is the actual Mount Sinai, placing the real mountain somewhere in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, the Saudi government has consistently denied access to anyone interested in finding it.

This is a dramatisation of the true story of two men who dared to risk their lives to find out the truth. They set out to retrace the steps of the Israelites as they left Egypt, concluding that if Mount Sinai was in Saudi Arabia other landmarks mentioned in the Bible would be found along the way. Indeed, they found a land bridge across the Strait of Tiran where the Israelites crossed the Red Sea. They infiltrated Saudi Arabia and found a dried alkaline well, right where the Springs of Marah would have been. Near the town of Al Bad, they found an oasis corresponding to Biblical Elim, and saw caves that the locals claimed had once been the dwellings of Moses and his wife when he lived in the wilderness with his father-in-law. Finally, they found the mountain itself—along with even more convincing landmarks.

The photographs which accompany this book leave little doubt that these men saw what they claimed to see. Many Christians who have been taught that Mount Sinai is in the Sinai peninsula will almost certainly be skeptical, but this book will convince all but the most dedicated traditionalists.