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God Owns My Business
by Stanley Tam (as told to Ken Anderson)
Published by Horizon House Publishers 1969





"If a Christian doesn't identify God with everything he does, then something is wrong."

Businessman Stanley Tam decided that this principle meant that his business needed to be identified with God in a very real way. In order to do that, Stanley needed to step out of the way. He didn't want to merely say that God was in charge, he wanted it to be legal. The attorneys he consulted either refused to do it or said it couldn't be done. But Stanley persisted, and finally it was done. Formally and legally, God owned Stanley's business.

The story of Stanley Tam's life provides an example of good stewardship over the wealth that God gives. He willingly yielded his money, his time, his life to God's guidance. Follow Stanley from the time he got saved through the start of his business. Read about the trials and tests God led him through as their relationship developed. Meet Stanley's wife, co-workers, business associates, and his Saviour, Jesus Christ. Whether you own a business or not, Stanley's life can help to inspire you to identify God with everything you do.