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J. Hudson Taylor

A Man In Christ

by Roger Steer
Published by Harold Shaw Publishers ©1993

Depend upon it, God’s work, done in God’s way, will never lack God’s supplies.... Just as George Müller organized and operated orphanages funded solely by God through prayer and faith, so Hudson Taylor organized and operated the China Inland Mission in the same way. And God supplied everything from the missionaries themselves to the funds necessary to travel to and live in China.

This story of Taylor’s desire to bring the glad message of salvation through Jesus Christ to the Chinese is a story of a man learning to rest in his Lord and persevere in trials. Taylor lost a wife and several children to disease and suffered physical exhaustion and disease himself for many years. Running the mission in spite of opposition from other Christian organizations as well as rebellious elements within his own mission proved to be so physically exhausting that he found himself nearly at the point of a breakdown several times. Yet through it all he learned to let Jesus Christ be his strength as he trusted Him to be sufficient for all his needs.

Though primarily an account of the events of Taylor’s full and eventful life, this book does include some passages which show his relationship with God and the beliefs which propelled him to trust fully in His Lord. Those passages which describe his apprehension of the all-sufficiency of Christ are the finest in the book and are to be highly recommended.