Continuous Revival
by Norman Grubb
Published by Christian Literature Crusade 1997




  1. The Walk — Let us remember that all we are asked to do is to “walk with Jesus,” and that means simple concentration on things as they are with me just this moment ... then the next ... then the next ... and so on.
  2. Brokenness — Continued revival is continued brokenness; but brokenness is two-way, and that means walls kept down as well as roof off. But man’s most deep-rooted and subtle sin is the subtle sin of pride: self-esteem and self-respect. Though hardly realizing it, while we are careful to keep the roof off between ourselves and God through repentance and faith, we soon let those walls of respectability creep up again between ourselves and our brethren.
  3. Cups Running Over — The Spirit witnessing to Jesus in the heart is our peace, joy, life, all, and it is His work never to cease that witnessing. Only our iniquities can stop the Spirit’s witness within us.
  4. Conviction, Confession, Cleansing — Sin is a revelation. It is God who graciously shows us sin, even as it is He who shows us the precious blood. God does not speak in terms of general condemnation, leading to despair of the past or to fear of the future. He speaks in simple, specific terms of any actual sin in the present which is hindering the inner witness of His Spirit.
  5. Testimony — It is to the constant confession of Christ that I am called. That is my duty and privelege. That is the way both to get blessing and to transmit it. The emphasis is not on the sin, though that may be mentioned, but on the Savior from sin.
  6. Exhortation — To receive exhortation with humility and a readiness to be constantly adjusted before God is one proof of continuing revival, for where we are not revived we almost certainly resent such challenges and reveal hurt self. To give them in grace and faithfulness might disturb the peace or disrupt a friendship. But in revival we see we are our brother’s keeper not for his sake but for Jesus’ sake.
  7. Revival — Revival starts with two people being revived, and generally starts at home! The way to begin walking in the light in fellowship one with another in a more public sense is just to start.