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The Key to Everything
by Norman Grubb
Published by Christian Literature Crusade 1960




  1. The Believer as a Container for God’s Presence — The greatest marvel, the greatest height of personality, is when we can look at a human being and say, “God is there.”
  2. You Simply Receive — The living God, the living Christ, and I actually become one person and function as one person. Separation is impossible. It has disappeared. We function entirely and forever and naturally as one person. And yet we remain two!
  3. Your Other Self — You don’t try to find yourself, do you? Wherever you go, you are there, aren’t you? However you feel about it, you can’t escape your self. And your other self is Christ; you can’t escape Him either!
  4. Your New Spirit — The change of union from the spirit of self-centeredness to the spirit of self-giving becomes an actual, down-to-earth fact in the personality and experience of every human being who, recognizing and admitting his need, receives Him as Lord and Savior.