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Power In Praise

by Merlin R. Carothers
First Published in 1972
  1. The Power in Praise — How to cultivate praise as a way of life, keeping our eyes on the Lord and giving Him the glory for what He has already done in our lives.
  2. Hear the Good News! — The biggest reason to praise God: the gospel of salvation. God’s love works wonders in arranging circumstances which point us in His direction.
  3. Power Unlimited — Merlin’s explanation of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. How the Holy Spirit assists us in our praise.
  4. Count it All Joy! — How praise transforms the pain of difficult circumstances into true lasting joy.
  5. When Sparrows Fall — How to deal with the problem of evil. Gaining the right perspective on it, trusting God in it, and overcoming it.
  6. Good-bye Grumblings — Grumbling is the opposite of thanksgiving. A complaint is the opposite of trust. God will transform us from grumblers into praisers in every circumstance if we only surrender to His sovereign will.
  7. The Joy of the Lord — The source of joy is not to be found in happy circumstances, but in knowing Jesus’ commandments, obeying them, and abiding in Him.