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Edges of His Ways
by Amy Carmichael
Published by Christian Literature Crusade/Dohnavur Fellowship ©1955






This daily devotional, taken from the notes of Amy Carmichael, contains words of daily encouragement for those going through life’s difficult times. Amy Carmichael understood suffering, and she also understood God’s comfort in times of trouble. She did not cater to a victim mentality. There was no complaining about hard circumstances or wishing things were different. Instead, she focused entirely on God and found His blessing in the midst of her trials.

Amy Carmichael believed that what God gives is never for ourselves alone, but is given to be shared. She shared with others, that they might in turn share also. Yet in all that God gives, we see only the edges of the Greater Power behind and beyond. The title reflects this thought.

This book is a one year devotional. It includes an appendix consisting of some very good additional material.