“Christian Fiction”



There aren’t many books of the “Christian Fiction” genre that I am willing to recommend. I find those which attempt to dramatize the events of the end-times particularly odious. However, I have found that this trilogy by Bill Myers departs significantly from others of its type in several important ways. First, the writing is entertaining. Myers manages to capture the attention and imagination of the reader and holds it all the way through to the climax. Second, although taking place during the end times, the books are far more creative in their treatment of the subject than most of the pathetic attempts to turn bad theology into even worse drama. Third, rather than the typical static Christian life depicted in most stories, spiritual growth occurs in the main characters. Fourth, Myers uses some imagination in creating the concepts for these stories. He engages the reader in thought about issues that most Christian writers would either shy away from or lecture pedantically about. All in all, these books are a fairly entertaining departure from the poor quality of most “Christian Fiction.”

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