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and Fifty-Four Relations of Christ to Christians

by Charles G. Finney
Published by Christian Literature Crusade 1994
  1. Sanctification — A series of discussions indicating what sanctification is not, and a clarification of what sanctification is. Sanctification comes from the Holy Spirit through faith in and obedience to Christ Jesus.
  2. What Are the Relations of Christ to Christians? — There are actually fifty-five subheads listed in this book, each discussing a particular aspect of Christ in His various relations to Christians. Meditating on each of these aspects until the Holy Spirit reveals the truth of them to your heart and receiving them by faith will facilitate the process of entire sanctification.
    • King
    • Mediator
    • Advocate
    • Redeemer
    • Justification
    • Judge
    • Repairer of the Breach
    • Propitiation for Our Sins
    • Surety of a Better Covenant
    • Substitute
    • Risen for Our Justification
    • Man of Sorrows
    • Healer
    • Made Sin for Us
    • Governor
    • Head Over All Things to the Church
    • The All-Powerful One
    • Prince of Peace
    • Captain of Salvation
    • Our Passover
    • Wisdom
    • Sanctification
    • Redemption of the Soul
    • Prophet
    • High Priest
  3. He Is Our Life
    • Christ the Bread of Life
    • Fountain of the Water of Life
    • The True God
    • Our Life
    • All in All
    • The Resurrection and the Life
    • Bridegroom
  4. He Is Our Guide
    • Christ Our Shepherd
    • The Door
    • The Way
    • The Truth
    • The True Light
  5. He Is Our Strength
    • Christ Within Us
    • Our Strength
    • The Keeper of the Soul
    • Friend
    • Elder Brother
    • The True Vine
    • The Fountain
    • Jesus
    • Wonderful
    • Counsellor
    • The Mighty God
  6. He Is Our Portion
    • Christ Our Shield
    • Our Portion
    • Hope
    • Salvation
    • The Rock of Our Salvation
    • Strength of Our Heart
    • Dead Unto Sin