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99 Reasons Why No One Knows When Christ Will Return
by B. J. Oropeza
Published by InterVarsity Press 1994




  1. Fascinated by the End Times — A summary of the things which motivate our interest in Bible prophecies.
  2. Reasons Why No One Knows the Date Through Scripture — A survey of Scriptures which have been twisted into predictions and justifications for predictions.
  3. Reasons Why No One Can Get Around Matthew 24:36 and Related Passages — Excuses used by date-setters and reasons why they still violate Scripture.
  4. Reasons Why No One Can Decode a Secret Date for the Second Coming — How numerology is used to twist the numbers in Scripture into predictions of the end.
  5. Reasons Why No One Knows If the Millennium Will Start in A.D. 2000 — Several year 2000 theories and why they aren't rational. (The book was written before the Y2K scare, but the principles are transferrable.)
  6. Reasons Why No One Can Know the Date Through the Signs of the Times — A study of current famines, wars, earthquakes, and other signs and how they are not worse now than at any time in world history.
  7. Reasons Why No One Knows the Date Through Current World Affairs — More misinterpretations of Scripture regarding current events and a host of things we don't know yet about what will happen.
  8. Reasons Why No One Knows the Date Through Modern-Day "Prophets" — The claims of some who have already been proven false in their predictions and some examples and guidelines for recognizing false prophets.
  9. Reasons Why No One Knows the Date Through Sources Outside the Bible — A variety of ancient texts are examined as well as some new-age and occultic predictions and found to invalid as far as date-setting goes.
  10. Reasons Why No One Knows the Date Through Rumors — A list of common rumours which cause most non-believers to think of Christians as a bunch of paranoid idiots. These rumours are investigated and found to be completely untrue.
  11. Reasons Why No One Yet Knows Who Is the Antichrist — Some of the candidates for position of antichrist are examined and rejected for lack of evidence.
  12. Reasons Why No One Has Yet Decoded the Mark of the Beast — Things that are not the mark of the beast: VISA cards, UPC symbols, your TV or computer, as well as others. (Again, written in 1994, there is no mention of the Safeway Card, which also is not mark of the beast.)
  13. Reasons Why No One Should Set Dates for the Second Coming — Some very good reasons for not setting dates which Christians would do well to heed.
  14. What We Can Know About the Future — A lot less than you might think. Some helpful tips on studying prophecies.