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The God Chasers
by Tommy Tenney
Published by Destiny Image Publishers, Inc. 1998




  1. The Day I Almost Caught Him — Running hard after God.
    • “Somewhat Less Than Advertised”
    • You Could Barely Breathe
    • People Began to Weep and Wail
    • We Baptized People for Hours
    • They Came Right Back for More
    • Ruin Everything That Isn’t of You, Lord!
    • God Ruined Everything in Houston
    • God is Coming Back to Repossess the Church
    • What Do We Do?
    • It’s Not a Pride Thing; It’s a Hunger Thing
    • We Have Never Been Hungry
  2. No Bread in the “House of Bread” — Crumbs in the carpet and empty shelves.
    • Do We Even Know When He’s in Town?
    • Bread is Scarce During Times of Famine
    • People Leave the House of Bread for One Reason
    • A Rumor of Bread Reaches Moab
    • Contented With Crumbs in the Carpet
    • Whatever Happened to the Bread?
    • By-products of Bread in the House
    • The Key Seems to Be Less of Me
    • What if God Really Showed Up in Your Church?
    • Ye Have Not Because...
  3. There’s Got to Be More — Rediscovering the manifest presence of God.
    • The Manifest Presence of God
    • Guided By the Eye of God
    • The Legacy of a Place Where God Lingers
    • Stumbling Into the Cloud
    • “I’m Not Ready for This!”
    • The Anointing and the Glory
    • We Dance at the Veil and Refuse to Go In
    • “It Was Too Much of God”
    • We Do Not Have a Lock on God
    • Only Repentance Will Get Us Anywhere
    • “If I’ve Ever Heard God—That Was God”
    • Real Revival Is When...
  4. Dead Men See His Face — The secret path to His presence.
    • It Could Only Be Described As “Unearthly Weeping”
    • We Like to Dance Around Burning Bushes
    • Why Are You Talking About Death So Much?
    • I Can Almost Smell the Singed Fragrance...
    • I’m a Walking Dead Man
    • “I Don’t Know If I’m Coming Back”
    • The Aaronic Priests Knew Something We Do Not
    • His Mercy Keeps Him Away From Us
    • Forget the “High Entertainment Index”
    • God Doesn't Dare Come Any Closer...
    • It’s Not Going to Be a Cheap Blessing
    • We Want Life, But God Is Looking for Death
  5. Do We Run Away or Go In? — A chance to meet the One you always knew was there.
    • We’ve Come to a Mountain of Decision
    • Called to “A Place in Him”
    • Do We Run Away Or Go On In?
    • Our Future Depends on Our Outlook
    • Many Have Become “Milk Babies” in Padded Pews
    • Run Away Or Go In
    • Hearing Father’s Footsteps
    • All They Want to Do Is “Date” God
    • Hothouse Christians Have No Root
    • The Confession of People in Love
  6. How to Handle the Holy — Moving from anointing to glory.
    • Reverence the Holy
    • Going to Where God’s Glory Belongs
    • Looks Don’t Matter Anymore
    • The Bump in the Road
    • Do You Want to Pay the Price?
    • Don’t Take God for Granted
    • Worth More Than a Coke
  7. He's Done It Before; He Can Do It Again — Send the rain, Lord!
    • I’m After Entire Cities
    • Repent, Request, and Resist
    • The Next Wave of Glory
  8. The Purpose of His Presence — Divine radiation zones—presence evangelism.
    • Nothing Stops a Fight Like Daddy Coming Home!
    • America Is Hungry, But the Bread Is Stale
    • There Is No Shortcut
  9. Dismantle Your Glory — The burial of man’s glory is the birth of God’s glory.
    • You Will Have to Face Him
    • “My Favorite Services and Yours Are Not the Same”
    • Sit in the Lap of the Blesser
    • Are You Always on God’s Mind?
    • Are Our Services Tailored for God or Man?
    • You Must Dismantle Your Glory to Minister to Him
    • An Anointer or the Anointed
    • God Was Arrested By the Cries of a Prostitute
    • Are You Waiting for the Whisper of God?
  10. Moses’ 1,500-Year Pursuit of God's Glory — You can’t seek His face and save your “face.”
    • Will We Pursue Public Approval or God?
    • Moses Wanted Habitation, Not Visitation
    • “The Problem Is That You’re Still Alive”
    • Nearly All Disciples Fall Asleep During Prayer Meetings
    • It Is Time for You to See Me Now
    • Sometimes We Can Stop Short
    • The More You Die, the Closer He Can Come
    • Are You Going to Let Him Get Close?