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Living the Jesus Prayer
by Irma Zaleski
Published by Continuum Publishing Company 1997





  1. The Prayer — What the “Jesus prayer” is and how to pray it.
  2. Prayer of the Heart — Learning to pray from the heart.
  3. Beginning the Jesus Prayer — One must be called to pray the Jesus prayer by the Holy Spirit.
  4. The Discipline — The discipline is to remain attentive during the prayer, otherwise it becomes a worthless mantra.
  5. Distractions — How to use distractions to grow in the practice of prayer.
  6. Unceasing Prayer — How the practice of the Jesus prayer can become a continual rhythm within.
  7. Guidance — The importance of guidance and what may be done when none is to be found.
  8. Silence of the Heart — The nature and importance of true inner silence.
  9. Desire for the Presence of God — The Jesus prayer as a reminder of the simple truth that Christ is present with us at all times.
  10. Repentance — We cannot have a right relationship with the Absolute unless we recognize first our inability to relate because of our sin.
  11. The Mystery of Evil — The Jesus prayer as a path to healing for the pain of our own evil.
  12. Only God Is Good — The closer we get to God, the more we realize how far from Him our sin has placed us.
  13. A Hymn of Joy — Our joyful response to His grace.
  14. The Offering — Our only part in the work of salvation is this offering of ourselves to the mercy of God.
  15. Spiritual Communion — Everything in our lives, surrendered to Christ, becomes united to Him and becomes an expression of His Life.
  16. We Meet God Alone — Each of us is responsible to respond individually to Christ.
  17. Practice for Death — Each of us will stand alone before God when we die. All we can do then is pray for mercy.
  18. Victory Over Evil — Forgiveness and love are the only true victory over evil.
  19. Christ Our Judge — We go before the judge to be healed, not punished.
  20. The Work of Love — The Jesus prayer as a means of intercession.
  21. Living the Jesus Prayer — All of the attitudes discussed in this little book must become a way of life for us. We must keep our hearts open and directed toward the One whose mercy we seek and whose Life we need.