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Needless Casualties of War
by John Paul Jackson
Published by Streams Publications 1999





A much needed caution regarding spiritual warfare. Presumption in prayer opens a Christian up to the enemy’s counter-attacks. Many eager and aggressive prayer warriors have gone beyond the authority which God has given, taking the battles outside the realm in which God has placed us. This book explores the limits of our jurisdiction under God’s authority, offers warnings against some common mistakes made by prayer warriors, and discusses the basis for and practice of true intercession.

Chapter titles:

  1. A Dark Cloud
  2. A Deadly Trap
  3. The Error of Reviling
  4. Parameters of Authority
  5. Warfare in the Second Heaven
  6. Terrestrial Warfare
  7. Territorial Curses
  8. Advancing God’s Kingdom
  9. Wisdom for Engaging the Enemy
  10. Practical Guidelines for Warfare
  11. Prayers of the Saints