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We Would See Jesus

by Roy and Revel Hession
First Published in 1958
  1. Seeing God—the Purpose of Life — We commonly prefer to engage in service for God rather than seeking holiness in order that we may see God. We fool ourselves into thinking that we are being unselfish when we do this, but instead our service becomes a source of pride.
  2. Seeing God in the Face of Jesus Christ — In Jesus we see God’s glory: the glory of humility and grace.
  3. Seeing Jesus as All We Need — Jesus is the answer to our every need. We have only to look to Him through the eyes of need and the Holy Spirit will reveal Him to us as the only satisfying answer to that need.
  4. Seeing Jesus as the Truth — Jesus does not merely teach truth, He is Truth. In Him we truly see things as they are. We see God, ourselves, and the relationship between God and ourselves just as it is, without the deceptive embellishments we cherish in our hearts.
  5. Seeing Jesus as the Door — We are not called to be like Christ, we are called to come through Christ. Too often though, we try so hard to emulate Christ by our own efforts rather than simply entering by faith. This is climbing up by another way and in so doing we make ourselves thieves and robbers.
  6. Sinai or Calvary? — The voice of our adversary is contrasted with the voice our comforter. The adversary pushes, accuses, demoralizes, and distracts. Our comforter gives peace, offers hope, promises reconciliation, and restores the repentant.
  7. Seeing Jesus as the Way — There is no way to the Way. Jesus is the Way to God. Jesus is the Way to understanding the Bible. Jesus is the Way to vibrant prayer. Jesus is the Way to intimate devotional times. When we turn these things into ways in themselves, we place Jesus Himself out of reach.
  8. Seeing Jesus as the End — There is no goal beyond Jesus. We do not seek Jesus for an end to bad habits, for personal prosperity, for fulfilling ministry, or for any other earthly goal. All these things are added unto you, but Jesus Himself is the goal and intimacy with Him is our greatest reward.
  9. Seeing Jesus—for Others — When we begin to see Jesus and what He is doing, we will begin to see His desire for us to cooperate in helping others to see Him also. As branches to His vine, we produce His fruit only when we do what we see Him doing and allow ourselves to be conduits of His Life.