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Surprised by the Power of the Spirit
by Jack Deere
Published by ZondervanPublishingHouse 1993





If you believe miraculous gifts have ceased, you're in for a big surprise!

What caused a former Dallas Seminary professor to believe that the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit are being given today? What convinced someone skeptical about miracles that God still speaks and heals?

A dramatic change took place in Jack Deere’s life when he took a fresh look at the Scriptures. He discovered that his arguments against miraculous gifts were based more on prejudice and lack of personal experience than on the Bible. As soon as Deere became a seeker instead of a skeptic, the Holy Spirit revealed Himself in new and surprising ways.

In Surprised by the Power of the Spirit, Deere provides a strong Biblical defense for the Spirit’s speaking and healing ministries today. He also describes several reliable cases of people who were miraculously healed or who heard God speak in an unmistakable way. Finally, he gives sound advice for using spiritual gifts in the church.

  1. The Phone Call That Changed My Life
  2. Surprised by the Holy Spirit
  3. Signs & Wimbers
  4. The Myth of Pure Biblical Objectivity
  5. The Real Reason Christians Do Not Believe in the Miraculous Gifts
  6. Responding to Spiritual Abuses
  7. Scared to Death by the Holy Ghost
  8. Were Miracles Meant to Be Temporary?
  9. Why Does God Heal?
  10. Why God Gives Miraculous Gifts
  11. Why God Doesn’t Heal?
  12. Pursuing the Gifts With Diligence
  13. A Passion for God
  14. Developing Passion & Power
  15. Hearing God Speak Today
  16. Other Reasons Why God Heals & Works Miracles
  17. Did Miraculous Gifts Cease With the Apostles?
  18. Were There Only Three Periods of Miracles?