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Surprised by the Voice of God
by Jack Deere
Published by ZondervanPublishingHouse 1996





Are prophecies, dreams, and visions for today?

Jack Deere could have given you all the reasons why such things disappeared once the Bible was complete. That is, until Jack searched the Bible deeply enough for it to search him. What he found revolutionized his Christian walk—and it can transform yours as well.

Surprised by the Voice of God takes you to the Bible to discover the variety of creative, deeply personal ways God still communicates with us today. You’ll learn how God speaks with people apart from the Bible, though never in contradiction to it.

Jack Deere first describes the ways God revealed His thoughts to first-century Christians. Then he tells why God continues to speak to us using the same methods. Finally Deere tells how to accurately hear God speak through prophecies, dreams, visions, and other forms of divine communication.

With candor, sensitivity, and a profound understanding of Scripture, Deere identifies our hindrances to hearing the Holy Spirit and calls us beyond them to a more intimate relationship with God. Filled with fascinating stories and personal accounts, Surprised by the Voice of God is for all who want to walk in the dynamic full scope of Christianity.

    Launching Out
  1. Surprised by the Voice of God
  2. The Problem of the Unreal Bible
    The Voice of God in the Bible and History
  3. Jesus and the Voice of God
  4. The New Testament Church and the Voice of God
  5. Presbyterian Prophets?
  6. A Conspiracy Against the Supernatural
    The Language of the Holy Spirit
  7. God Speaks Through the Bible
  8. God Speaks Through Experience
  9. God Speaks Through Supernatural Means
  10. God Speaks Through Natural Means
    Learning the Language of the Holy Spirit
  11. Learning the Language of the Holy Spirit
  12. Facilitating Prophetic Ministry
  13. “God Told Me to Tell You...”
  14. Prophetic Pitfalls
  15. Dreams and Visions
    Why Doesn’t God Speak to Me Like That?
  16. God knows the Proud from Afar
  17. Confessions of a Bible Deist
  18. Unbelief Through Theology