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The Christian Imagination

G.K. Chesterton on the Arts

by Thomas C. Peters
First Published in 2000

The works of G.K. Chesterton present life as a joy to be discovered. Through the use of quotes from many of Chesterton’s writings, this book presents an overview of Chesteron’s opinions on creativity and imagination. In so doing, the truth about the Christian imagination and its significance in God’s design and purpose for His human creations shines through.

  1. A G.K. Chesterton Palette — A selection of Chesterton quotes to set the mood and give the reader a sense of the man and his temperament.
  2. The Christian Imagination — A study of imagination; the dangers of not exercising it; the human philosophies that take it off in wrong directions.
  3. Prigs, Critics, and Other Nuisances — A collection of attitudes that conspire to kill imagination: materialism, pride, success, criticism that only looks for flaws.
  4. Songs, Poems, Stories, and Pictures — A selection of the variety of genres in which Chesterton dabbled.
  5. God that Made Good Laughter — The theology of pleasure, joy in life, happiness, laughter, creativity — true Christianity. The perfect antidote to sour, dour, cold shower Christianity.
  6. The Topsy-turvy Giant — A short biography of G.K. Chesterton.