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Why Should I be the First to Change?
by Nancy Missler
Published by Koinonia House 1991





This is the remarkable story of the turnaround of a 20 year Christian marriage. It reveals the dynamic secret which releases the power of God's Love that is already resident in every believer. This discovery has healed relationships all over the world.

In her own words, Nancy Missler shares the details of a life gone wrong. In an open and honest narrative, she reveals the bitterness and resentment that had built up in her life over the course of her marriage to her husband, Chuck. She relates the various trials that God used to try to get through to her, and the book's title reflects the natural response that she had. Recognizing that we all naturally respond in that way, she shares these experiences with the prayer that others might find the same peace in God's Love that she found.

It was when she finally surrendered to God that He began to work toward healing their marriage — not by changing Chuck as she had hoped, but by changing Nancy. This unexpected change of perspective was the starting point in her path toward becoming like Christ. Nancy's experiences will sound familiar to many who read this book. If so, please believe that the solution she found is the only one that works.

NOTE: Both Nancy and Chuck Missler have published Bible-based materials in several media formats. While Nancy's materials are (for the most part) right on target, Chuck's materials are laced with technical inaccuracies and (again, for the most part) lack any true spiritual content.