The Spirit
(with apologies to Edgar Allen Poe)
by Davin Dahlgren, October 1998

When my life was dark and dreary — when at last my soul grew weary,
Crippled by the idols that my heart had chosen to adore,
Unaware that I'd been napping, I began to hear a tapping,
As of someone gently rapping, rapping at my spirit's door —
Unlike any thing before.

First I thought that I should fear it, yet I strained and sought to hear it.
Never had I paused to listen — never heard that voice before.
Deep inside a voice was calling, showing ev'ry deed appalling —
ev'ry sin and stain recalling 'til my Self I did deplore.
Sin and Self I did abhor.

Knowing there was no defending guilty souls in need of mending
I despaired of ever finding that which could my soul restore.
What could quench my lustful craving, all my wretched misbehaving?
What indeed could do this saving? What could do this massive chore?
"Only Christ and nothing more."

"Christ indeed!" The voice insisted. "He was beaten, torn, and twisted,
He was killed for your salvation. On the cross your sins He bore.
If you'll only bid Him enter — make Him your life's total center —
He will save you, dear repenter. Do it now, I thus implore.
Instantly, if not before!"

No more waiting — not one moment — I thanked God for His atonement
Then I felt His Holy Spirit like an ocean in me pour.
At the Spirit's penetration, my heart leaped in glad elation
From this awesome revelation: where abounded sin galore,
There abounded grace much more!

O the joy of my salvation! Glorious regeneration!
Holiness unbounded left me lying face-down on the floor.
How long will this essence build me — this new Presence that has thrilled me,
Life eternal that has filled me, filled me from my very core?
Quoth the Spirit: "Evermore."

Born anew and now I'm growing just as in my heart I'm knowing
Christ in me, the hope of glory as I walk upon this score:
Thankfulness for all increasing, words of prayer to God unceasing,
Power in my life releasing by rejoicing evermore,
Quench the Spirit? Nevermore!

In the midst of tribulation, common every day temptation
To respond to irritations through the flesh that I forswore,
All my soul He's crucifying as my self I keep denying.
No more wasted effort trying not to fear the lion's roar.
When I die I win the war.

Now this earthly life I'm living in the body Christ is giving
As a realm of Love unending for my spirit to explore.
Then one day at resurrection I will finally see perfection
Of His glory's pure projection shining out through ev'ry pore —
With my Lord forevermore!

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