A Valentine from Jesus to His Beloved
by Davin Dahlgren, February 1997

I love you
Like a Potter loves the vase He has crafted.
After hours of shaping and molding, painting and polishing, the beauty of your soul is My great masterpiece.
I love you
Like a Father loves His daughter.
The years of teaching and reproving have made you into a lovely young woman.
A woman who will make her Father proud.
I love you
Like a Brother loves His sister.
Even though we didn't always get along, I will defend your honor against any who would speak ill of you.
I love you
Like a husband loves His bride.
We are linked inextricably and permanently to one another.
We are one flesh, one soul, one Spirit.
Where I go, you will be with me always.
I knew you even before you were born.
I made you,
I raised you,
I defended you,
I love you.
You are with me always.
When I was bleeding, broken and battered, you were with me.
You were there with me through every moment of torture, pain, and agony.
When I gave up my life, I did it for you.
When they buried my body, they buried you with me.
When the power of God brought me back, He brought you back with me.
Together, you and I walk the earth to show the glory of God to the spirits of the air.
When I ascended to my throne, I brought you with me,
For you are my beloved consort, my love, my wife.
You are with me even now, though at times I seem too far away.
Often, when you are sleeping, I hold your hand and think of how much
I love you.
In those dark times when your heart is heavy and all the world is against you,
I am right there beside you, waiting for you to just look at me.
I am with you, and
I love you.
You are with me, and
I love you.

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