God's Provision in Employment
by Davin Dahlgren, September 1997
In February of 1995, the company where I worked had to downsize. I was among the group of people who lost their jobs at that time. I had conflicting feelngs about it, because I hadn't really enjoyed working there, yet I was worried about what would become of me after that. Yet several things comforted me during that time.
At that time, "God is in Control" by Twila Paris was a very popular song on the local Christian radio station. This was just the message I needed. God also reminded me of the words of Abraham to Isaac as he prepared to obey God's command to sacrifice the son He had promised. "God Himself will provide..." (Genesis 22:8). I believed that God would indeed guide me into the job where He wanted me to be.
It was over a year later that God did provide me with a job. During that year, there were times when I felt worried -- even panicked -- because I still had no job. My savings were dwindling. But that year was also an important time of spiritual growth. God used the time to instruct me in the ways of righteousness, wisdom, and faith. And when He had determined that it was time, He gave me a job.
That was not the end of the matter, though. There were more lessons to come. I was hired by a temporary agency and placed in a job which I absolutely loved. After about six months, there were significant changes in the company's needs and the position was opened as a permanent job. Since I was performing the work at the time, I was surprised to find out that, in the opinion of my supervisor, I was unqualified for the job. This disappointed me, and made me fairly upset.
God was busy working in my heart, though. He showed me once more that He is in control. I submitted the situation to Him, telling Him that I knew He would place me exactly where He wanted me. I told Him that whatever that new position might be, I wanted to accept it and learn from it. The position was filled, but I was allowed to remain in the position as a replacement for a co-worker who was out on sick leave.
After I submitted it all to God, I no longer had reason to worry. I knew He would supply me with another job, and that He was going to take care of my every need. I rested confidently in the knowledge that it was all being handled by Someone who was loving and very capable.
I was a little surprised but very delighted to learn that a second position was opening up shortly after that, and that I was being considered as a candidate. I again submitted the situation to God, knowing that He would place me where He wanted me -- whether it was this position or not. As it happened, I was suddenly now qualified for the open position and I was hired into the position.
Every event related to this situation was controlled and orchestrated by God in His great provision for my life. He taught me a great deal through this situation, and made His actions very clear a real in my life. He is willing to do this in the life of anyone who is willing to seek His guidance.

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