Our Word of Prophecy

On August 22, 1998, Damien Breussard and Jane Mitroni gave us a word of prophecy from the Lord. We were greatly encouraged by this, as it confirmed several things we have been considering regarding going into ministry. We are posting the transcript here for others who may wish to pray that we may have understanding and further encouragement through this prophecy. If you feel led by the Spirit to pray for us, we thank you. — Emily and Davin Dahlgren


Bond, connection:
Ephesians 4:3,
Colossians 3:14

Lord, we thank You for Davin and Emily. We thank You for this couple that You brought together, Father God We thank You, Lord, for the wonderfulness of Your marriage union between them, Father God. Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you Lord Jesus.
I see a picture of the two of you, each represented by a circular band. The two are joined together and there is no break in the two bands. But they're not wedding ring bands. They are bands that make up a chain of sorts. But what I'm seeing is a picture of these two metal circles hooked together that are part of a bigger chain and they are industrial links. They are not just little gold chains like a wedding band or something like that. They are hooked together and there is no break in them and they have been put together by the hand of the Lord. What I'm sensing is that the two links that are linked together are part of this bigger chain as though it has something to do with your life's work or your life's calling. I'm not much for saying things—but I don't know if it is missions or something like that—some going out and being part of a group caring for others. But it's like I see the two of you linked together with many others to be used in work. It's not hanging a little lamp from the roof, these are strong links so it's like tough stuff.

Ezekiel 1:15-21,
Ezekiel 10:6-17

II Corinthians 2:14-16

....Tempered by the fire. I felt that when you sat down God said this was a holy union and the offspring are going to be holy unto the Lord and that the presence of the Lord is on both of you. It's seen in your marriage and will be seen in your marriage and God's going to make a statement to other couples around you because of the purity that's in both of your hearts. Just a strong resting of the presence of the Lord on both of you. And a purity seen on both — on your face, a real cleanness, and a holiness unto the Lord set apart unto God. And he was talking about those two circular metal things. I was thinking about the presence of the Lord: The wheel within the wheel. And that you carry the presence of God with you wherever you go and people see that and feel that and you leave that behind. And those two circles speaks to me of two cycles of things that have been completed in your life and situations of whatever — that's things of preparation that are going to be joined to something else. But just a strong presence—pure, holy, set apart, sanctified—just an aroma of God, very strong on both of you.

Isaiah 40:9,
Isaiah 52:7,
Ezekiel 36:8

Felling trees:
Psalm 29:5,
Isaiah 10:33-34,
Zechariah 11:1-2

Isaiah 6:13
Exodus 33:14,
Psalm 116:7,
Matthew 11:28-29,
Mark 6:31,
Hebrews 4:9-10

As, I think, a continuation of the picture of the two links that are fitted together I see a picture split in the middle. And Davin, you're on the left hand side. I see a picture of a house in a conventional neighborhood and there is a van in the driveway. And on the other side of the picture I see you, Emily, where you are in the middle of a mountain with woods and some of them had been cut. But you have, it's not a van, but a work truck. And what I see is this chain that is hooked up between the two of you—hooked to the bumper of each of those vehicles. And I see both of you at the same time just driving over the land where you are. In between these two pictures there is a stand of trees—tall, tall trees. And I see as each of you is driving these vehicles—just where they were you just took off driving—and I see you plowing down the trees, plowing down the trees. Felling the trees, felling the trees. And it's though the union between the two of you are going places and taking land that has not been taken before. And you're knocking down the trees. You're not going back to clear the stumps, there'll be others that come behind you and clear the stumps. But as you fell the trees, I just see you going over the horizon continuing to fell the trees. And I see you stopping at some point in time and one of you unhooking the chain from your truck, going over and placing it in the other side of the other picture, and the two of you sitting on the porch and resting. Or the other one coming and bringing the chain over to this side and stopping and just sitting on the side of the mountain and looking out. And I think that's a picture of—as you go about breaking this new ground, it applies to both in your families breaking new ground and I think it applies to where the Lord is going to be taking you in your relationship with him and what you are going to be doing that in both of them it is going to be plowing trees down and it'll require times for you to stop, regroup, and rest in what you do. But it is breaking new ground.

John 14:23,
Ephesians 2:22,
Hebrews 3:6

As he was talking about knocking down the trees I was thinking about wood, preparation of building a building, a habitation for the Lord. And I thought about the cedars of Lebanon.

II Samuel
I Samuel
II Corinthians 1:21-22,
II Corinthians 5:4-5,
Ephesians 1:13-14,
II Timothy 1:14

Davin, I was just listening to your name—it's not David, it's Davin. And you're not David as in the Old Testament, but you're Davin as the hand of God has made you to be. The Lord has taken a name that we hold up as great and wonderful and the picture of everything to be desired as far as a relationship with God, but the Lord has taken your name and has added to it, has added to it. Has added to it, and what I hear the Lord saying is: Davin, you are not a Mephibosheth; and you will have a Jonathan in your life, much like David had in his life. You're not a Mephibosheth. You're not a latecomer to the party; and you do belong in the king's house. But what I see is — the picture I'm getting is it's your house. So you belong in it and you are not a Mephibosheth. And I believe the Lord is going to be bringing into your life a Jonathan that your heart is going to be knit together with him. But the outcome and the consequences of this man's life is going to be different than the outcome it was for Jonathan. Your hearts will be knit together.
Thank You, Lord Jesus. Father, I pray for Emily, Lord God. I thank You for the deposits that You have made in her life to be a wife and to be a mother. Lord, I see that part of her called mother and I see that You have painstakingly put pieces in her, Father God, that You have put building blocks in her, Lord God, that will make up that whole complete picture of mother. I believe what You are saying, Lord, is that she will be lacking in nothing and that she will be not adequate but she will be a perfect match and that she will be more than able and more than capable. Nothing lacking, because You, Father God, will place into her everything that she needs.

His eye:
Psalm 32:8,
Proverbs 15:3

Psalm 45:11,
Song of Songs 1:15,
Song of Songs 4:1,7,
Song of Songs 7:6,
Isaiah 52:7,
I Peter 3:3-6

Proverbs 17:22
Jeremiah 8:21-22
Good speech:
Colossians 4:6,
Proverbs 15:1,2,4,
Proverbs 25:11

And the Lord wants both of you to know that—I feel very much so more for her (but He wants you [Davin] to know too) that both of you—that He has had His hand on you from the time that you were little. And His eye has been on you and His hand has been in your life and as Damien said He has deposited things in you, Emily. You just don't know and God wants you to be encouraged. You are a beautiful, beautiful woman, inside and out. And the glory of God is very strong on your countenance, very strong. And God just wants to bless you. You are blessed, you have been blessed, but God wants to pull you a little bit out of your shell, He wants you to be a little more bold for Him. And He has things that He wants you to share with other people, to touch other peoples' lives because you have a real tender heart, a real gentle spirit and it's a medicine and it's a balm. The words that you would speak to other people go straight to the wounded place and you're a medicine. You're like the anointing oil. God wants you to pour yourself into the lives of other people and not to be afraid of rejection because he is sending you. And he wants that sweetness that's in you, that medicine, just to minister to other people.
And I don't know if you [Davin] play the guitar or anything, but I just had a picture of you—I don't know if that means that God is going to give you music or if you are going to be involved in worship, but it is funny that when he [Damien] was saying you were like David because I saw that. And I didn't know if that had anything to do with that—if you were involved in a music ministry or if you had the desire to do that.

Luke 6:38

Lord, we bless this family and I thank you for the relationship that they have, Lord, and I appreciate that and I thank you for the sensitive nature of the two people that sit before me. The gentleness, Father, and the beauty of that. We ask for blessings upon their household—blessings upon their household in greatness of measure and abundance and, Lord, for joy and the tickling of each other's hearts as they go about doing what you have asked them to do. In Jesus name.

Lord, I just also pray that...{side one tape ended} {tape side two}...what is needed, Lord. I see them breaking bread with other people and I see them dispersing to the poor—just a real spirit of charity and love and an outstretched hand. And Lord, I thank You for their home, Lord God, that it's going to be a place where people can find healing—a place where people will encounter Your goodness, Your hand, Your love, Your tenderness. And I just speak abundance in finances, and Lord, that You would bring in that which, Lord, that You desire them to share and disperse to the poor and needy. Lord, we just thank You for them, we thank You for the calling that's on their life. We thank You for the glory of God that is seen on them, Lord. And even all the more as these days come to a close, Father, that You are going to use them in a powerful way. We thank You for them. We thank You for this opportunity, Lord. We thank You for this day that You have brought them before us and we could sit together, Lord, we could look at your work and your glory that is seen so very strong on this couple. Lord, bless them. Lord, thank You for allowing us to speak with them, to share with them. They're such a blessing, Lord, and we feel Your presence on them. And we thank You for Your good plan for them and the destiny that You have for them. Thank You, Lord.

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