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A Variety of Recommended Christian Books

The Christian Imagination
by Thomas C. Peters
Eternity in Their Hearts
by Don Richardson
The God Chasers
by Tommy Tenney
God’s Power in You
by William Law
A History of Heresy
by David Christie-Murray
The Idea of the Holy
by Rudolf Otto
by Joseph F. Girzone
The King James Only Controversy
by James R. White
The King James Version Debate
by D.A. Carson
Love: What Life Is All About
by Leo Buscaglia
Living the Jesus Prayer
by Irma Zaleski
Needless Casualties of War
by John Paul Jackson
A Plain Account of Christian Perfection
by John Wesley
The Power of the Spirit
by William Law
Reversed Thunder
by Eugene H. Peterson
by Peter Block
Surprised by the Power of the Spirit
by Jack Deere
Surprised by the Voice of God
by Jack Deere
Taste Heaven Now
by Barry Hall
Talking with God
by François Fénelon
Virtual Faith
by Tom Beaudoin
We Would See Jesus
by Roy and Revel Hession
Why Should I Be the First to Change?
by Nancy Missler
Windows of the Soul
by Ken Gire